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Usage And Precautions Of Drill Pipe

Nov 20 , 2019

Drill Pipe Supplier China will share with you the use of drill pipe and precautions for use.

1. According to the torque of the drilling rig, the pushing and pulling force, and the minimum radius of curvature allowed, select the drill pipe of the appropriate specification.

2. Avoid large-diameter drill pipes connected to small-diameter drill pipes during construction (ie, mixing large and small drill pipes) to prevent small drill pipes from being broken or deformed due to insufficient strength.

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3. When clamping the drill pipe with the vise, do not clamp the female buckle of the female joint to prevent the female buckle from being clamped out of shape.

4. Note that when attaching the drill pipe, the pre-tightening force of the upper buckle should be controlled within 15MPa to prevent the shackle from being difficult due to excessive pressure. Avoid using fire-baked joints to reduce the mechanical properties of the joints (especially the female joints), affecting the service life. The threaded connection is not pre-tensioned, and the teeth are mutually sharpened by the threads, and the ridges are generated on the sides, which causes the thread to be damaged. Without pre-tightening, the female buckle step is not pressed, which may cause the root of the male joint to be broken and fatigued. Under the action of the high-pressure liquid flow, the female joint is pierced, causing a puncturing phenomenon, which may easily cause the female joint to longitudinally split.

5. Note that before attaching the drill pipe, clean the male and female buckles and apply the threaded oil (the threaded oil cannot be replaced by other waste oil or inferior pressure oil) to prevent premature wear or damage of the male buckle.

6. Pay attention to clear the channel hole before installing and connecting the drill pipe to prevent debris from blocking the channel and causing pressure in the mud system.

7. Be careful not to force the buckle. The male buckle should not impact the shoulder and thread of the female buckle and ensure that the male and female joint is in the center. Ensure the alignment of the shackle of the drill and the spindle of the powerhead.

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