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How Long Is The Life Of An Oil Drill Pipe?

Dec 02 , 2019

The drill pipe is an important component connecting the drill and the drill bit. In the process of geological drilling or another non-geological drilling, if the drill bit wants to drill successfully in the stratum, including deepening the depth and changing the direction of drilling, it must rely on the drill pipe to transfer the force exerted by the drill to the drill bit. In the case of a drill, torque and axial pressure are transferred to the drill bit through the rotation and pull of the drill pipe, so that the drill bit can be driven to drill the formation. Therefore, the drill pipe is subjected to great bending, torsion and impact force during the whole drilling process. Today, Sucker rod manufacturer brings you the method of prolonging the service life of oil drill pipe.

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

Methods to delay the life of drill pipe:

1. When using the new drill pipe, it is necessary to determine the screw thread cut in front of the drill bit (to protect the shaft head), which is also to prevent the screw thread of the new drill pipe from being damaged easily by a damaged swivel head, resulting in water leakage, buckle, looseness, etc.

2. When using the new drill pipe for the first drilling and excavation, it is necessary to "grind the new thread" first, which includes the scientific and technological innovation of applying thread oil first, then using the drilling machine to fully tighten, applying the thread oil and then opening, so repeated for three times, to avoid new wear and clasp.

3. Try to keep the drill pipe as straight as possible under the ground and on the ground, so as to avoid the side stress of the screw thread part and causing unnecessary wear and extreme depression, or even tripping the drill pipe. It is very important for the service life of the drill pipe to anchor the drill rig well and avoid the stress movement during construction.

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