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Common Basic Operating Problems Of Drill Pipe

Nov 11 , 2019

1. The hexagonal drill pipe is loose

In the newly processed and assembled parts, there are variations in geometry and fit dimensions. In the initial stage of use, it is easy to make due to the alternating load such as impact and vibration, as well as the influence of heat and deformation, and excessive wear. The parts that were originally tightened were loose.

2. Drill pipe wears fast

Due to the influence of factors such as processing, assembly and adjustment of new machine parts, the friction surface is rough, the contact area of the mating surface is small, and the surface pressure is uneven. During the operation of the machine, the concave and convex parts of the surface of the part are frictionally engaged with each other, and the ground metal scraps, as abrasives, continue to participate in the friction, which accelerates the wear of the mating surfaces of the parts.

3. Leakage of heavy duty drill pipe

Due to the looseness and vibration of machine parts and the influence of machine heating, leakage will occur at the sealing surface and pipe joints of the machine; some defects such as casting and processing are hard to be found during assembly and commissioning, but due to the vibration and impact during operation, this kind of defect will be exposed, which is manifested as oil (water) leakage. Therefore, leakage is easy to occur during running in period.

Heavy Duty Drill Pipe

4. Many mistakes in drill pipe operation

Due to the lack of understanding of the structure and performance of the machine (especially for new operators), it is easy to cause faults or even mechanical accidents due to operational errors.

5. Poor lubrication of the drill pipe

Since the fitting gap of the newly assembled components is small, and it is difficult to ensure the uniformity of the matching gap due to assembly and the like, the lubricating oil (fat) does not easily form a uniform oil film on the friction surface to prevent wear. Thereby reducing the lubrication efficiency, resulting in abnormal early wear of the machine. In severe cases, the friction surface of the precision fit may be scratched or bitten, resulting in malfunction.

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