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Sucker Rod Universal Overshot

Nov 05 , 2019

Aiming at the problems of different sizes and models of sucker rod body break-in oil field, it is necessary to use different models of sucker rod overshot for fishing, and the difficulty of fishing the upper plane break of centralizer (φ58-φ70mm), which results in the high cost of downhole operation tools, many times of fishing technology and affecting the operation time rate, a general-purpose sucker rod overshot in casing is developed.

 Sucker Rod

The tool consists of a joint, a barrel, a spring, an integral split slip and a guide shoe. During the operation, the upper part of the falling object slips to push the spring upward to compress. The slips expand with the increase of the internal diameter of the shrinking neck tube. When the centralizer and the collar are inserted into the fish, the spring pushes the slips downward to squeeze the body of the falling object or the shoulder of the collar table, achieving a successful salvage.

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