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Anti-corrosion of Sucker Rod

Oct 23 , 2019

In daily life, some metal products in the home are very susceptible to corrosion. The sucker rods under the hoes of the pumping unit, which are almost everywhere in the oil field, are also easy to corrosion. When a rod pump is used to open the oil, the sucker rod will continuously reciprocate in the wellbore. And the coupling part will continuously rub with the oil pipe at the same position, thereby increasing the wear of the oil pipe and the sucker rod. The inspection cycle of the pump is continuously shortened, the effective time of the oil recovery operation is reduced, and the mining cost is continuously increased.

Anti-corrosion Sucker Rod

With the development of the petroleum industry, more and more oil fields with strong corrosive medium have been developed at home and abroad. Ordinary sucker rods cannot meet the needs of the oil well exploitation due to their low corrosion resistance. The anti-corrosion sucker rod surface spraying a layer of special anti-corrosion materials can prevent the corrosion of the rod body and prevent the corrosive material from contacting the rod body to prolong the life of the rod body.

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