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Pumping Unit Equipment Maintenance and TroubleshootingⅡ

Feb 29 , 2020

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2.Level maintenance

When the pumping unit is operated for one month (800h), the first-class maintenance is performed by the workers in the large group with the assistance of the squad maintenance class. The maintenance content is as follows:

(1) Open the upper sight hole of the reducer, check the gear meshing, check the gear wear and damage, and analyze the cause of wear and damage. Check that the cleaning respirator should be removed for cleaning.

(2) Check the oil level of the reducer and add (makeup) enough oil to the specified position: the upper liquid level is not higher than 2/3, and the lower liquid level is not lower than 1/3, that is, the gear is just immersed. Inspect the reducer for leakage, determine the cause of the leakage, and repair or control it.

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(3) Lubricate each bearing. Full and full, and replace all grease if it deteriorates. If the central bearing seat needs to be replaced with a grease, install the grease gun on the oil hole and release the oil drain hole (pad under the oil drain hole with a cloth or other things to catch the old oil, do not drain the old oil onto the fuselage). When buttering, always drain the old butter out of the drain hole and fill it with new oil.

(4) Check the balance of the pumping unit. Measure the current with a clamp ammeter and observe the changes in the peak value of the upstream and downstream currents. The balance rate should be greater than 85% to qualify, if it fails to meet the requirements, it should be adjusted.

(5) Check the fastening of the pumping unit. The fastening bolts of all parts should be checked one by one. The key parts such as the crankpin, the central bearing seat, the tail shaft, the base fastening bolt and the reducer fixing bolt must be tightened and a new safety inspection line must be drawn.

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