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Pumping Unit Equipment Maintenance and TroubleshootingⅢ

Mar 18 , 2020

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(6) Check the V-belt for damage. The end faces of the motor wheel and the reducer wheel should be in a straight line with a proper distance. The tension of each belt should be the same.

(7) Check the wear of the brake pads, check the brake stroke and brake clearance, and check the reliability of the brake. If the wear and tear are severe, the brake pads should be replaced and the tightness of the brakes adjusted. The locking pin of the brake pin should be stuck between 1 / 3-2 / 3 of the brake groove, and should not be too few or too many to prevent the brake from slipping.

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(8) Check the alignment of the donkey head center and wellhead center. If not aligned, adjustments should be made.

(9) Check the hair braids and replace them if there are thorns or broken strands; check the rope hangers, the upper and lower splints should be intact, and the broken strands of the rope braids must be replaced at the same location. The thickness of the steel rope was found to be uneven during the inspection and should be replaced. It is found that the steel rope is very rusty during the inspection, and the steel rope should be lubricated with oil or greased with external grease.

(10) Check the operating sound and temperature rise of the motor, check the motor bearings, fans, check the distribution box lines, starters, overcurrent protection devices, and meters, check the grounding devices and cables, etc. Level maintenance).

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