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Rig operation: the operation skill mainly lies in pressurizing

Aug 24 , 2019

Rig operation: the operation skill mainly lies in pressurizing

Oil drilling equipment manufacturer shares that the rotary drill gives people a feeling of high height, and the handle is felt after entering the cab. There are many buttons, generally speaking, it gives people a feeling of complexity. However, the fact is also true, from the running positioning to auxiliary working conditions, and then to the main working conditions drilling, the action required is not a few, but in order to open the rotary drilling rig, in a number of operations to pressurize the most important!

And when we talk about pressure, we're not just pushing down through the handle,

But for different rock and soil bottom, control the pressure intensity and pressure time.

1. How to improve efficiency

Although there are many actions of rotary drilling rig, the final function is drilling, how to drill fast and well, pressure control is of course important, so according to the geology, load, vibration, constantly adjust the pressure mode. Some people start to question what is pressurizing, not just pushing the handle downward to pressurize, which is a kind of wrong idea. Pressurizing is not only pressurizing, sometimes floating is needed without pressurizing, and sometimes back pressure is needed. In short, only by flexibly applying pressure can drilling rig performance be exerted and high efficiency be achieved.

2. Protect equipment

Through the drilling machine bit cutting the underlying load constantly changing, flexible adjustment of the pressure method and strength, not only can protect the components, but also can achieve fast footage, otherwise if only the pressure is applied, not only the rig load rises, but also easily damage the Heavy Weight Drill Pipe.

Oil drilling equipment manufacturer

Drill Pipe

3. Eliminate pitfalls

Hole deviation: it is known that hole deviation can cause a series of problems such as: pole, cage, cast pipe, etc. In some geology, too much pressure can cause holes to be deflected.

Unlocking: resistance is required to fix the drill bucket for unlocking drill pipe of machine lock. Torque resistance is mainly generated by pressurizing, so pressurizing becomes the key to unlocking (it is not necessary to pressurize when unlocking). Controlling the pressure intensity and time to prepare for unlocking can effectively prevent belt rod caused by unlocking.

4. Prevent hitting bars

Oilfield drill pipe using friction drill pipe and the sectional machine lock lock state (not machine), especially in geology is stiff or skid footage, almost all machinist will choose long trip lasting pressure, the drill pipe penetration is out of step with the compression stroke, therefore the internal pipe jacking, when pressure whether to stop or reverse, the jacking pipe drop, damage of drill pipe or pressurized cylinder.


Rotary drilling rig is pressurized. Torque is indispensable for drilling, but first is the torque load generated by pressurized cutting, so the pressurization is the largest in all main operating conditions of rotary drilling.

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