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Field visit to deepwater drilling rig "offshore oil 982"

Sep 04 , 2019

Field visit to deepwater drilling rig "offshore oil 982", shared by Drill Pipe supplier China.

Like the highly popular offshore oil 981, it has yet to be delivered. For all the concerns about owning "offshore oil 981" why build "offshore oil 982"? Why is it one of the world's most advanced sixth-generation semi-submersible deepwater drilling platforms? This reporter carries on the spot visit to uncover secret.

Explanation: with "981", why build "982"?

"Haiyang 982 is built to further enhance cnooc's ability to drill for oil and gas in deepwater waters." Cosl "offshore oil 982" supervision project deputy manager li jianbo said straight to the point.

The south China sea is rich in oil and gas resources, accounting for one-third of China's total oil and gas resources, and 70 percent of these oil and gas deposits are in the deep sea, he said. Deepwater drilling equipment is essential to the development of these oil and gas reserves.

"Globally, the world is also rich in offshore oil and gas resources. The oil industry divides the sea areas into shallow seas (less than 500 meters deep), deep waters (more than 500 meters deep) and ultra-deep waters (more than 1,500 meters deep).

Drill Collar

Drill Collar

Therefore, since 2006, cnooc has organized more than 100 units in China to set up an integrated research, design, construction, commissioning and operation team, and successfully built China's first ultra-deepwater semi-submersible drilling platform "offshore oil 981". In the following years, cnooc further strengthened its deep-water drilling equipment strength through new construction, purchase, lease and other means. Currently, it has 7 deep-water semi-submersible drilling platforms. Among them, the water depth of "haiyang petroleum 981" is 3,000 meters, the water depth of "xingwang" and "nanhai 9" is 1,500 meters, and the water depth of "nanhai 8", "pioneer", "enterprise" and "innovation" is 750 meters.

"In recent years, as the positive response" construction of Marine power "strategy and" neighbourhood 'initiative all the way, China's cnooc is promote the building of the international first-class energy company with Chinese characteristics, the need to further improve the deepwater drilling high-end equipment echelon and improving the capacity of the south China sea deep water oil and gas resources, have strong competitiveness in the field of global oil and gas exploration and development. Based on this, cnooc's cosl signed a contract with daofen to build cnooc 982 in 2013."

"' cnooc 982 ', 9 represents the drilling platform, 8 represents the deep water, and 2 represents the second sixth-generation semi-submersible deepwater drilling platform independently invested and built by cnooc in China." "Said li jianbo.

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