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"Rebirth door" for scrapped rod

Jun 29 , 2019

"Rebirth door" for scrapped rod

The following shared by high strength sucker rod supplier.

What process does a discarded rod use to make it new and usable?

A few days ago,4 Nigerian businessmen came to shandong fine China petroleum equipment co., LTD located in gaotang county. Lu xiaofei, general manager of the company, took the customers to the workshop to look at the products and introduce the development of the company. After a detailed understanding, the Nigerian customers reached cooperation intention with elite China on the spot.

Elite companies rely on core technology to win the hearts and minds of customers in Nigeria, a big oil producing country in Africa. It is known that a large number of sucker rods need to be replaced every year in China's oil fields, and most of the old sucker rods can be repaired and reused, except for the severe partial wear and corrosion and bending deformation that cannot be repaired.

"The market for used sucker rod restoration is very promising." Lu xiaofei told reporters that the company relies on unique technical advantages, the products have been used by domestic oil fields and exported overseas, has obtained the national industrial product production license, the American petroleum institute API export license.

The so-called "unique technical advantage" is a complete set of sucker rod diameter restoration technology, which has been groped and summarized by the company's technical staff after years of practice, and has also obtained the national independent invention patent, which fills a gap in the repair of discarded sucker rod.

"We plan to build the 100,000 tons high-temperature and corrosion-resistant oil equipment remanufacturing project under construction into the first 360-degree recycling remanufacturing oil equipment industry chain in China, which will be based on the waste sucker rod from the oil field." "Ms. Lu said.

high strength sucker rod supplier

According to reports, the project plans to invest 200 million yuan, annual capacity of 100,000 tons, the main products are pumping rod, tubing, casing, drilling pipe and other oil equipment projects, is expected to be officially put into production in 2016. At present, the project is in the initial stage of construction. The main frame of the two workshops (precision casting workshop and rolling workshop) has been positioned, and some basic work has been started.

Based on the current market price, the restored old sucker rod can save 10 yuan per meter and 3,200 yuan per ton compared with the new sucker rod. The project will have a production capacity of 100,000 tons in the year after it is put into operation, which is expected to save 320 million yuan per year for the oilfield.

It is reported that, in order to support the development of circular economy, gaotang county awards nearly one million yuan to enterprises with outstanding energy conservation, and sets up a revolving loan of 20 million yuan for free use, focusing on supporting the development of circular economy and energy conservation and environmental protection industries. So far, a total of 58.6 million yuan has been invested to support key projects of circular economy, energy conservation and environmental protection.

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