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How to maintain the phenomenon of wear of the main rib drill pipe?

Aug 07 , 2019

How to maintain the phenomenon of wear of the main rib drill pipe? Shared  by Drill Pipe supplier China.

In ultra-deep Wells, high-slant Wells, long-displacement Wells and horizontal Wells, the drilling time of the main frame drill pipe is prolonged and the lateral force of the drill string acting on the casing is increased, so the friction and wear problem of the casing and the drill string is more and more prominent. The direct result of serious wear is rapid wear of drill string, which leads to premature failure. Casing wear can reduce the extrusion strength and internal pressure strength of the casing string, resulting in collapse, deformation and leakage of the casing string. In serious cases, the whole well will be scrapped. It will not only affect our mining work, but even pose a threat to the safety of workers. In view of this problem, our maintenance technicians have come up with some solutions.

Drill Pipe supplier China

The application of body rib Heavy duty drill pipe has been not limited to the coal mining industry. Now, many industries will use body rib drill pipe, and the damage of body rib drill pipe joints in many places is relatively serious, and the friction between the joints and casing of some supporting equipment of the drill pipe can not be ignored.

Of Drill Pipe for sale and casing friction and wear mechanism, triggered a series of problems and their prevention measures were studied, the research content mainly includes: to study the mechanism of tool joint and casing friction and wear, the joint under different load were studied using finite element method (fem) of contact pressure between casing and distribution, and established the mathematical model of the maximum contact pressure and wear. The analysis results can well explain the principle of reducing casing wear of drill pipe joint by single and double welding and hardening belt, and provide theoretical basis and technical basis for the technology of welding and hardening belt of drill pipe joint. This paper makes an in-depth theoretical analysis and experimental research on the friction and thermal cracking of drill pipe joints, expounds the mechanism and process of the thermal cracking failure of drill pipe joints, and puts forward some measures to reduce or prevent the thermal cracking failure of drill pipe joints.

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