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Correct cleaning method for drill pipe of rotary excavator

Aug 14 , 2019

Correct cleaning method for drill pipe of rotary excavator shared by Drill Pipe supplier China.

When cleaning the drill pipe of rotary excavator, the reason of sediment at the bottom of the hole should be understood firstly.

1. Remains between the bucket teeth and the bottom cover of the rotary drill.

2. The bottom cover is not closed tightly.

3. Drilling mud and sand, flow plastic formation, drilling in the bucket drilling slag in the loss of serious, sometimes even all loss in the hole.

4. The soil mass that is cut by the edge of the outside edge of the bucket of a rotary drilling machine is left on the edge of the bottom of the hole because the bottom of the hole is plane and cannot enter the inlet of the cylinder.

5. Drill bucket teeth are sparse arrangement, leakage between teeth is inevitable.

6. The Heavy Duty Drill Pipe returns the second footage too large, loaded too full, muck extrudes from the drain hole of the top cover.

According to the characteristics of rotary drilling rig, we have worked out two kinds of hole clearing methods and obtained good results.

Drill Pipe supplier China

Drill Pipe Supplier China

At the same time, we can also by changing the proportion of sludge and mud soil and increase or decrease the viscosity of the slurry to control the speed of soil sludge settling velocity, for example, we try to reduce the soil sludge settling velocity, the preparation should be adapted to increase the density and viscosity mud, on the contrary, we can reduce the density and viscosity to speed up the settlement of soil slag rotating drill.

Hole bottom sediment can't standard to do, so we must develop a hole cleaning, otherwise the large amount of settlement of pile top and bearing limit value is reduced, rotating drill hole cleaning settlement and displacement method, commonly used method is the so-called sedimentation method, after the end hole for soil slag precipitation to the bottom of the hole to hole cleaning, and replacement method is in the final hole on the bottom of the hole cleaning, immediately after the residue in soil has not been deposited from the mud before the hole with a new configuration of mud mud displacement in a way outside the hole.

And reverse circulation drilling, for use in pulp hole cleaning is appropriate, because it can take advantage of itself of the rotating Hexagonal drill pipe to carry on the positive and negative circulation in pulp, and spin dig with drill pipe does not transfer the function of the circulating fluid, want to use the method of black hole, also need to make pipe and the corresponding rotating drill equipment, this is obviously not feasible, and the settlement method is often used catheter suction pump, air lifting method, method of submersible slurry pump.

There are also some problems in the use of these methods, mainly the influence range of slag suction mouth. When the aperture is 1.5 meters, if the position of slag suction mouth cannot be moved or there is no tool agitation at the bottom of the hole, it is difficult to remove the slag away from the radius.

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