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Material and Operation of Oil Drill Pipe

Jan 16 , 2020

The development of many industries in life is inseparable from the oil drill pipe. Sometimes inconspicuous factors may cause a large gap, such as the oil drill pipe specifications mentioned earlier. Today, Let’s take a look at drill pipe manufacturers.

Drill Pipe

The downhole temperature of oil and gas is uncertain, and the performance of the drill pipe is affected by its material. The environment that tests the material of the drill pipe at low temperature. Deep-sea oil and gas capital is very rich, with the decrease in the number of landings and shallow sea severe oil and gas fields, the prospect of oil and gas exploration in low-temperature environments such as deep seas and glaciers is open, which has serious practical significance. Low-temperature brittle cracking tends to occur when metal materials are serviced in low-temperature environments, especially for high-strength materials, where the toughness-brittle modification temperature is high, and low-stress brittle fracture can occur even in environments where the temperature is not very low. According to the statistics, it is indicated that the failure of the drill pipe will cause infinite economic losses. The cost and direct economic loss of dealing with the failure of the drill pipe are considerable. It is of great practical significance to discuss how to effectively prevent the low stress and brittle fracture of the drill pipe in low-temperature environments. The development of oil and gas capital in a low-temperature environment places severe demands on the low-temperature function of the drill pipe. In order to prevent low stress and brittle fracture of the material, it is necessary to discuss the low-temperature function of the material. At that time, the common method for evaluating the low-temperature brittleness of materials was a series of temperature impact tests. This method can find the historical connection between the engineering brittleness damage and the low-temperature impact toughness of the material. Some low-temperature brittleness evaluation guidelines are obtained by the impact test method.

When using for the first drilling, you should first "grind the new buckle". This involves first applying the oil on the thread fastener and then tightening it with a drill. After opening the threaded fastener, apply the oil on the threaded fastener and then open it. , Repeat this three times to avoid new wear and buckle. As much as possible, keep the drill pipe straight under the ground. This can avoid stress on the side of the wire buckle and cause undesired wear, and even jump the drill pipe. Pay attention to anchoring the rig to avoid force movement during construction. very important. When using a new drill pipe, it should be determined that the screw head of the drill bit (protecting the shaft head) is also close to the new one. The rotating head is easy to damage the screw of the new drill pipe. The oil is generally lost. Oil drill pipe operation process causes leakage, buckle, loose and other conditions.

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