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How To Deal With The Failure Of Oil Drill PipeⅡ

Jan 09 , 2020

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Second, the first maintenance and inspection of the drill pipe

1. Make the first maintenance and inspection of drill pipe after the first drilling or 50 hours after use. The surface strength and hardness of the key bars on the drill pipe are low, which will be pressed and burr will be formed after a short time of use. After 50 hours of use or after a pile is finished, the drill pipe should be pulled apart to wear off the burr, so as to prevent the burr from causing the belt rod when the drill pipe tilts.

2. Defects in the production of drill rods; quenching cracks and welding cracks will be displayed at an early stage, early detection, and early elimination, to avoid vicious accidents.

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Third, daily maintenance

1. The drill pipe should be fully unlocked when pressurizing the drill pipe. If it is not fully locked, the pressure-bearing lock block will be accelerated. Every time the drill pipe is inspected and found to be worn, it should be welded and polished in time.

2. The machine lock drill pipe will shake when it hits the hard ground. Sometimes the internal key of the drill pipe will be slightly welded. Please check it carefully when checking the machine lock drill pipe. Repair welding repair at the open weld.

3. The drill rod core rod shock absorber spring and square head should be checked frequently. If cracks are found, the manufacturer should be contacted for repair in time.

4. After the drill pipe is operated in acid, alkali and salt areas, the drill pipe should be fully pulled out during storage and cleaned in time with clean water. As much as possible, clean and store after each use.

When the drill pipe is stored in oil, the maintenance of the petroleum drill pipe shall not be used as a support platform for stacking heavy objects; the drill pipe shall not be placed on scattered rock piles, pebble piles, and gravel piles.

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