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Petroleum machinery equipment management and maintenance

Sep 25 , 2019

Petroleum machinery and equipment is an important tool in the production and development of petroleum enterprises. With the development of science and technology, there are more and more types of petroleum machinery and equipment, and the performance is more and more perfect. In this context, the past equipment management methods are obviously no longer applicable to the management and maintenance of current petroleum machinery equipment. In this regard, oil companies should conduct in-depth analysis of the problems in management work and develop targeted optimization strategies.

There are various types of petroleum machinery and equipment, usually including reaction equipment, cold-exchange equipment, pumps, instruments and professional machinery, such as sucker rods, which are the elongated rods of the pumping wells, connected to the polished rods, Connected to the pump to transmit power. It is used to transfer the energy of the pumping unit from the ground to the pump to achieve the purpose of lifting the liquid. The strength, service life and characteristics of the sucker rod directly affect the ability of the pumping unit. The wide variety of types makes petroleum machinery and equipment more difficult to maintain and manage. In the petrochemical industry, there are many types of products, which leads to a variety of types of petroleum machinery and equipment, and the specifications are complicated. In the production process of petrochemical products, various types of equipment are used due to different products, so the equipment required for management is also different. In the production process, it is necessary to strictly control the standard and temperature, otherwise the quality of the product will not be up to standard, so the production process specifications and technical requirements in the production process are very strict.

Sucker Rods

Sucker Rod

In view of the above reasons, in the management and maintenance of petroleum machinery and equipment, professional staff must be operated to avoid unnecessary losses and damage to the development of the enterprise.

1. Establish and improve the management system of petroleum machinery and equipment

Most oil companies are restricted by funds, oil production equipment has not been updated all the year round, and even some companies have only done simple maintenance in their daily management work. At the same time, these equipment have been in high-load operation for a long time, which makes most petroleum machinery The aging problem of the equipment is serious, which makes it difficult to carry out the work of equipment safety management. In response to this problem, oil companies need to develop scientific and rational petroleum machinery equipment testing and updating mechanisms according to the actual situation of enterprises while improving economic efficiency, and repair the machinery and equipment technology that detects problems or may have hidden dangers. Or eliminated, to avoid causing security incidents, posing a threat to the personal safety of staff. This work requires sufficient experience and high-quality professional and technical personnel to serve, as well as a sufficient understanding of the internal conditions of the oil company, can provide real and effective advice for the equipment management of the enterprise.

2. Implement management regulations and strict on-site management

According to the actual situation of petroleum enterprises, the superior institutions of equipment management should select high-quality management personnel at all levels to be responsible for the equipment management of the department. In the management and maintenance work, we should carefully follow various management systems to get the best results. Managers should pay attention to cultivating a good working style. In the daily inspection work, the supervisory operators carefully record the handover situation and keep a series of information materials in the operation of the equipment to facilitate better management and maintenance of equipment. In order to find out the cause of the fault, it is necessary to quickly repair and recover. Managers should increase the supervision of the site to ensure that inspection operations are carried out within the specified time to ensure normal operation of the equipment.

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