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Oil drilling equipment - Drill Collar

Jun 12 , 2019

Drill Collar

Drill Collar supplier shares that there are different kinds of drill collars, including round drill collars, spiral drill collars, non-magnetic drill collars, square drill collars, etc. Ordinary drill collar is circular section, with water hole in the center, larger wall thickness, smaller nozzle, and weight per unit length is almost 4-5 times larger than the size of drill pipe. Most drill collars are threaded directly onto the pipe body, but some use replacement joints.

Characteristics of the Drill Collar

(1) eccentric heavy-duty drill collar is an effective anti-deviation drilling tool, which USES high bit pressure in inclined areas to correct inclined.

(2) eccentric heavy drill collar is an effective tool for reducing hole inclination or straightening with high drilling pressure.

(3) eccentric heavy-duty drill collar is simple in structure and easy to use. It is directly connected to ordinary drill collar. There is no centralizer.

(4) eccentric heavy drill collars are operated safely underground, and it is difficult to appear the danger of leakage or bit freezing.

(5) pay attention to avoid mud balls to prevent the influence of backdeviation.

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Drill Collar supplier

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