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How To Deal With The Failure Of Oil Drill Pipe

Jan 06 , 2020

Today, oil drilling equipment manufacturers give you a detailed introduction to the maintenance of oil drill pipes.

A special downhole drilling tool adapted to the heave motion of a floating offshore drilling device. Usually above the drill collar. In drilling, its role is not only to transfer torque and constitute the channel of circulating flushing fluid; At the same time, through the relative motion of up and down between the inner and outer pipes, the BHA is not affected by the heave of the floating drilling device and can carry out normal drilling. But because the inside and outside pipe in relative movement, its upper drilling tool also rises and falls, so in the process of drilling, can not adjust the bit pressure, is a constant bit pressure drilling.

 Drill Stem Pipe

Replace vulnerable parts in time

Vulnerable parts on drill pipe include shock absorber ring assembly, rod tray, spring seat, shock absorber spring.

1. the shock absorption ring assembly plays a role in protecting the main engine, once the shock absorption ring assembly rubber broken, fall off, aging, the drill pipe will hit (impact) the main engine, the use of the drill pipe to ensure that the rubber shock absorption ring assembly is basically intact.

2. The anti-belt rod tray plays the role of anti-belt rod. Once the part is subjected to impact and deformation and bending during use, the gap between the inner diameter of the pipe and the adjacent drill pipe will become smaller. If this situation occurs, please contact the manufacturer to return to the factory for repair.

3. Spring seat (tray, water distribution plate) to play the water operation, and at the same time to protect the end of the drill pipe, guide the drill pipe spring role, water the part is easy to wear, wear should be replaced in time, do not use hard surfacing layer welding rod surfacing repair, do not allow the hardness of more than 210HB material to prepare the fan block on the water plate.

4. The damping spring plays a dual role in protecting the drill pipe and the drill rig. The damping spring must be replaced in time if it breaks, bends and deforms. The mechanical properties of the drill pipe spring are strictly calculated and are not allowed to be changed at will.

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